Dyslexia is NOT a disease. It is an excuse for bad teachers

Dyslexia and ADHD do not exist Based on Peter Hitchens’ blog content, neither dyslexia or ADHD exist. And boring teachers and lessons are blamed for the symptoms. Dr. Richard Saul and his book ADHD Does NOT EXIST as well as others are cited as providing supporting evidence. Hitchens thus states, “ I doubt there has ever been a society so easily fooled by pseudo-science and […] Continue reading →

‘Dyslexia’ Is A Meaningless Label And Should Be Ditched

A new book claims diagnosis of dyslexia is questionable The controversy centers on a book co-authored by academics on either side of the Atlantic:Julian Elliott, professor of education at Durham University in the U.K., and Elena L. Grigorenko, professor of psychology at Yale in the U.S. In The Dyslexia Debate, they argue diagnosis of dyslexia is often highly questionable, and […] Continue reading →

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to become obese and sedentary teenagers

Kids with ADHD more likely to be obese Children diagnosed with ADHD at eight had significantly higher odds of being obese and less physically active at age 16. This new study was reported by visiting Professor Alina Rodriguez and colleagues from Imperial College London in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Binge eating was not a cause. […] Continue reading →

How We Diagnose and Treat A.D.H.D.

Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD In a series of excellent comments, inattentive and very active preschool children and even Community College students were considered part of a normal spectrum and found to respond very favorably to flexible and understanding teachers without a diagnosis or medical treatment for ADHD. According to Dr. Harold Levinson The debate over whether or […] Continue reading →

John Travolta Oscar Jokes Rudely Make Fun Of His Dyslexia? But Scientologists Don’t Believe In Dyslexia!

John Travolta Messes up Idina Menzel’s name John Travolta mangling Idina Menzel’s name was one of the most meme-worthy moments of the 2014 Oscars. But in the few hours since the broadcast, there has been some backlash against the Adele Dazeem jokes. According to critics, John’s flub was a result of his dyslexia, and it’s not nice to […] Continue reading →