New ADHD test a ‘breakthrough,’ say medical experts

WCIT-TV ABC NEWS 4, Charleston 6/4/14
Brain wave test helps diagnose ADHD

A new FDA-approved brainwave test called NEBA for children 6 to 17 years of age that measures brainwaves appears to be a biomarker for diagnosing ADHD. Dr. Camille Washington of Charleston is the first physician in the state of South Carolina to use the NEBA system. She claims its easy, fast and helps objective diagnosis.

According to Dr. Harold Levinson and others, this test may only complement but not replace the common diagnostic historically based practice. It measures the ratio of theta/beta brain waves found to be higher in those with ADHD. However, most evaluations appear to omit evaluating the invariable balance and coordination signs and symptoms diagnostic of an underlying cerebellar-vestibular dysfunction as well as the associated or comorbid dyslexia or LD—highlighted in Total Concentration.

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By Harold Levinson, MD

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