MMR Vaccine and Autism: Yet Again, No Link Exists — Even For Children At Risk For Autism


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A study just published in JAMA today found that the likelihood of developing autism was statistically no different for those at-risk children (having an older sibling with ASD) if they received the MMR vaccine. “In addition …this study dispels another myth: namely, that there’s a subset of children who are somehow genetically or biologically predisposed to have an adverse reaction to MMR,” said Dr. Mark Schleiss. “It [also] provides parents with more reassurance about vaccinating children with neurodevelopmental issues – children who are particularly vulnerable to many vaccine-preventable diseases…”

According to Dr. Harold Levinson and most all other clinicians and researchers, the choice not to vaccinate the younger child didn’t decrease the risk of ASD. It only increased the risk and often devastating consequences of contracting measles, mumps or rubella. By contrast, the non-autistic toxic or allergic risks of MMR are atypical.

Scientifically unfounded fears that the MMR vaccine triggers autism were erroneously started by Andrew Wakefield. He was a gastroenterologist who lost his ability to practice medicine in the U.K. after he was found to have falsified a study with a dozen children that he claimed (inaccurately) showed a link between the MMR and autism.
In an editorial accompanying the above study, Dr. Bryan King, a psychiatrist and autism specialist, noted that the MMR vaccine and autism have nothing to do with one another for any child at any time in any place in any universe.

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