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A Unique Type of Depression and Treatment

About one third of people with depression have high levels of inflammation markers [CRP (C-reactive protein)] in their blood. New research indicates that persistent inflammation affects the brain in ways that are connected with stubborn symptoms of depression, such as anhedonia, the inability to experience pleasure. “Some patients taking antidepressants continue to suffer from anhedonia,” […] Continue reading →

Autism and prodigy share a common genetic link

Science Daily April 22, 2015 Source:  Ohio State University A new study in the journal Human Heredity found that child prodigies share some of the same genetic variations on chromosome 1 with those who have autism. In a previous study, co-author Ruthsatz and a colleague had found that half of the prodigies in their sample […] Continue reading →

Binge eating in children correlated to ADHD

MedicalXpress • April 23, 2015 Recent findings in the International Journal of Eating Disorders suggest a common biological mechanism linking ADHD and an eating disorder—a loss of control eating syndrome (LOC-ES)—akin to impulsive binge eating. Lead researcher Reinblatt and her colleagues found that the odds of having LOC-ES were 12 times higher for children diagnosed […] Continue reading →