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Half the children who snore have ADHD

Sleep important … many children that suffer from chronic snoring or sleep apnoea have been diagnosed with ADHD.  CHILDREN are at risk being overdiagnosed with ADHD when all they need is a good night’s sleep, experts say. Around one in 10 Australian children suffer from chronic snoring or sleep apnoea that disrupts their breathing. “Nearly […] Continue reading →

Dyslexics Best Comprehend and Define Their Disorder, claims Dr. Harold Levinson

  A recently published ‘Current Biology’ study revealing that video games improve learning in dyslexia is consistent with what dyslexics have long known and reported to Dr. Harold Levinson. Dr. Levinson with the cerebellum “No expert, however gifted, and no diagnostic procedure, however sophisticated, could ever come close to determining the voluminous insights offered by […] Continue reading →

Irish researcher makes challenging discovery about autism and dyslexia

Sensory integration dysfunction may be key to those with ASD and Dyslexia A dysfunction of sensory integration may be key to understanding both Autism Spectrum Disorder and dyslexia, notes Prof John Foxe, professor of paediatrics. His findings suggest the normal children develop the ability to rapidly integrate multiple senses around the age of seven to nine, but the children on […] Continue reading →

Dyslexia is meaningless. But don’t worry – so is ADHD

How many illnesses of modern childhood are excuses for bad behaviour, stupidity or parental neurosis? In this article that may be a spoof in a magazine that appears ludicrous by virtue of its other topics and content, the author denies dyslexia, ADHD, coeliac disease, asthma, and a host of other disorders. According to Dr. Harold Levinson This humorous article […] Continue reading →

Dyslexia is NOT a disease. It is an excuse for bad teachers

Dyslexia and ADHD do not exist Based on Peter Hitchens’ blog content, neither dyslexia or ADHD exist. And boring teachers and lessons are blamed for the symptoms. Dr. Richard Saul and his book ADHD Does NOT EXIST as well as others are cited as providing supporting evidence. Hitchens thus states, “ I doubt there has ever been a society so easily fooled by pseudo-science and […] Continue reading →