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Dyslexia Likely Not Caused by Ocular Motility Disorders

Medscape News Lara C. Pullen, PhD December 05, 2014 A functional MRI dyslexia study was recently reported 11/30/14 by Ibone Saralegui, MD and colleagues in Chicago at the Radiological Society of North America 100th Annual Meeting. Their results indicated that patterns of brain activation in readers with ocular motility disorders and normal individuals were similar […] Continue reading →

Most Adults with Dyslexia Were Physically Abused During Childhood

  SCIENCE WORLD REPORT BENITA MATILDA 7/5/14 One-third of adults with dyslexia were physically abused during childhood. Findings recently documented in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence indicate that one-third of adults with dyslexia report childhood abuse. However, co-author Fuller-Thomson asserts that the data cannot differentiate between cause-and-effect. According to Dr. Harold Levinson, prior studies have […] Continue reading →