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ADHD Drug May Improve PTSD, TBI Symptoms

Medscape Medical News > PsychiatryLiam DavenportNovember 13, 2015 Ritalin and other Medications Improve Dyslexic and ADHD-Related Symptoms in PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury Researchers found that methylphenidate (Ritalin) not only improved PTSD symptoms but also depressive, postconcussive and cognitive symptoms in individuals with PTSD, TBI, or both. In contrast, galantamine (Razadyne,), commonly used to treat […] Continue reading →

ADHD Patients Successfully Treated with Cannabis

High Times:Normal Blog: BY PAUL ARMENTANO • OCT 26, 2015 ADHD Adults Resistant to Conventional Therapies Respond Favorably to “Pot” The use of herbal cannabis was found to improve concentration, sleep and impulsivity in ADHD adults proven resistant to alternative treatments, according to clinical trial data. According to Dr. Harold Levinson, these clinical data are […] Continue reading →

Is It Old Age, or A.D.H.D.?

The New York TimesBy JUDITH BERCK date published SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 It’s Old Age and ADHD! In a recent New York Times Blog, increased forgetfulness in a 73-year-old widow was diagnosed and successfully treated for ADHD with stimulants by Dr. David Goodman, an assistant professor in the psychiatry and behavioral sciences department at Johns Hopkins […] Continue reading →

ADHD symptoms may mask autism in young kids

CBS NEWSBy DENNIS THOMPSON HEALTHDAY September 14, 2015 Autism overlooked by ADHD symptoms in young kids Symptoms attributed to ADHD in very young children often delay diagnosis and early treatment of autism spectrum disorder by 3 yrs, a new study reveals.The study was published online Sept. 14 and will appear in the October print issue […] Continue reading →