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Omega-3 supplements may help boys with ADHD

Fox news— Health By Rachael Rettner Published March 20, 2015 Boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may benefit slightly from omega-3 fatty acid supplements, a new study from the Netherlands suggests. Slight improvements in attention were seen in both children with and without ADHD, but the effect was greatest in those on stimulants with ADHD. These […] Continue reading →

Medicated misery: Germanwings’ Andreas Lubitz

The Australian Opinion by Theodore Dalrymple 3/29/2015 Medicated misery vs Melancholia &/or terror The crash was not an accident but an act of mass homicide, as well as of suicide. According to author Theodore Dalrymple: There was an element of grandiosity about it.  As with other mass killers, Andreas Lubitz wanted not to slip away […] Continue reading →

Study finds 17% of college students misuse ADHD drugs

Medical News Today 3/11/15 by James McIntosh College students (1 in 6) abuse ADHD stimulants A recent literature review by Keri Benson and colleagues published in Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review reports that 1 in 6 college students misuse stimulants prescribed for ADHD. Despite the drugs promoting wakefulness, no studies have found that they […] Continue reading →

Sex-Based Brain Differences Visible in Kids With ADHD

Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers found that boys with ADHD show reductions in the premotor cortex surface area of the brain, corresponding to their greater occurrence of hyperactivity/impulsivity. By comparison, girls show reductions in the prefrontal cortex surface area, more associated with organizational/planning skills or inattentive ADD. The study was published in the January […] Continue reading →