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Novartis-backed Neurovance bags $6.3M to focus on ADHD

New experimental non-stimulant drug for ADHD appears highly effective and safe FierceBiotech April 3, 2014 | By Damian Garde Neurovance said its new drug clocked a statically significant reduction in ADHD symptoms that was comparable to results with standard stimulant-based treatments, and the company plans to present its full safety and efficacy data at the […] Continue reading →

ADHD Exists Despite Book “ADHD Does Not Exist,” According to Harold Levinson, M.D.

  An unwitting aim of the just released book “ADHD Does Not Exist” might be providing controversy and sales more than balanced insight and help, according to Dr. Harold Levinson.  “Dr. Saul’s claims and book ‘ADHD Does Not Exist’ are unfortunately characterized by many misleading and invalid statements,” notes dyslexia/ADHD expert Dr. Harold Levinson. As […] Continue reading →

Mistaking Dyslexia and ADHD as Normal Variations or Gifts is Potentially Dangerous, Warns Dr. Harold Levinson

ADHD and dyslexia expert Dr. Levinson explains the risks in mistaking ADHD and dyslexia as normal variations or even gifts, as Malcolm Gladwell states in his recent book, David and Goliath. According to Dr. Levinson, the well-intended conviction that dyslexia and related ADHD are normal brain variations and even gifts, rather than medical disorders, is misleading and […] Continue reading →