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Parents Of Children With ADHD Turn To Acupuncture And Other Methods For Help

Fridat, Novemeber 15th, 2013

Some parents of kids suffering from ADHD or ADD are turning to acupuncture and other homeopathic treatments to help supplement medicine.

According to Dr Levinson and other clinicians, every individual with ADHD is different and so many require complimentary therapies to enhance the bene?ts of traditional medical stimulants. Indeed, some 20% of ADHD may not even bene?t from stimulants and so alternatives are absolutely essential. "I've personally seen the bene?cial effects of acupuncture, nutrients, diet and exercise. However, responses are highly speci?c and so one holistic therapy for all doesn't work any more than one stimulant and dose for all. The guidance of a quali?ed nutritionist is often essential to sidestep the pitfalls of false nutrient claims and even selecting quali?ed products. In fact, I treat all my patients with varied combinations of medications, nutrients and related therapies when needed to maximize results while minimizing doses and avoiding all side-effects. The idea that one medication is a panacea for all the ADHD and overlapping symptoms/subject is a pipe dream."

About Harold Levinson, M.D.

Formerly Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at New York University Medical Center, Dr. Harold Levinson is currently Director of the Levinson Medical Center for Learning Disabilities in Great Neck, New York. He is a well known neuropsychiatrist, clinical researcher and author. His "highly original" research into the cerebellar-vestibular (inner-ear) origins and treatment of dyslexia and related learning, attention-deficit/hyperactivity and anxiety or phobic disorders has evolved over the past four decades. Levinson's concepts encompass the collective insights derived from the examinations, follow-up and successful treatment of over 35,000 children, adults and even seniors and have led to new methods of screening, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. His expanded theories appear capable of encompassing and/or explaining all reported symptoms as well as most other concepts and experimental data, thus resulting in a truly holistic perspective.

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