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ADHD Awareness
What It Is and What It Is Not

Monday, October 28, 2013


A Critique by Dr Harold Levinson

Juli Shulem has written a clear and simple review clarifying what ADHD is and not. It will help all those concerned about the misinformation and myths they may have heard until now. Rather than summarize what can't be improved, I will merely highlight the issues Julie has clarified:

Myth #1: Those with ADHD are lazy, don’t try hard enough, or are just stupid.
Quite the contrary!

Myth #2: People can outgrow ADHD.
Nope! It’s a chemical difference in the brain—this is not a behavioral issue that one has control over. It is known to be hereditary.

Myth #3: Those with ADHD have a greater chance to become drug addicts.
People with ADHD who take stimulant medication tend to have much lower rates of substance abuse than people with ADHD who don’t take the medication (e.g., Wilens, Faraone, Biederman & Gunawardene, 2003)..

Myth #4: ADHD is over-diagnosed and probably doesn’t even exist.

Interestingly, these questions and many more were similarly addressed in my text Total Concentration dating back to 1990 when ADHD was really under diagnosed and TRULLY misunderstood. It also has a classification and understanding that interested readers might find very helpful today, including its relationship with physical imbalance, dyslexia, etc. as well as well as a holistic treatment approach.