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The Importance of SEO to Individual and Small Businesses

Friday,Sep,20th, 2013

When it comes to SEO of individual or small businesses, there always will be different strategies Since individual and small businesses have different situations from big companies who have stronger and larger scale of businesses, strong financial capacity and existed online and public presence. Therefore, SEO is more necessary and critical type of individual and small business owners because they have to disseminate information regarding their companies and increase their online or offline presence. Many small businesses have consciously avoided the SEO route under the assumption that it will be prohibitively expensive and it works well for large enterprises, because small businesses and individual businesses owners are usually short of time and do not have enough budget to invest on their websites. However, the reality is that SEO is arguably the most important online investment for a small business owner, which works better than flyers and business cards.

When SEO is done in the right and proper way, it will generate the lowest cost per lead of any market. An optimized website will bring traffic to the site, which simply means that it will bring potential customers who are looking for product or services to website when they are searching online. If the budget is the biggest issue for individual and small businesses, here are some great and free SEO tools which fit low budget well below:

  • Google Keyword Planner is free to do keyword research.
  • Google Webmaster Tools is free to optimize websites by seeing backlinks and monitoring content and keywords.
  • Google Analytics is also free to know the traffic and visitors of websites. Social Bookmarks are also great tools to help small businesses to build a unique and recognizable brand.
  • Using free directory submission software will also enable small business owners to submit their websites to high quality directories and search engines.

A lot of knowledge has to be learned when it comes to SEO, especially for small and individual business owners. In order to meet the goals, deadline and budget, individual and small businesses have to take low cost but high effective manners to achieve their goals of SEO. No matter how much it costs, SEO is still worthwhile to be invested for individual and small business owners.